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Adefoyeke Ajao
publié le
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Adefoyeke Ajao (Africiné Magazine / iREP Report)

Dieudo Hamadi, Film Director

Film still Mama Colonel

Film still Mama Colonel

Film still from Mama Colonel

Film still Mama Colonel

Dieudo Hamadi with his certificates (Berlinale 2017)

iREP 2017

Mama Colonel, directed by Dieudo Hamadi
Honour in a Time of Trauma

War and societal ills always leave behind a multiplicity of victims. However, while some battle scars are visible, others are not. In 72 minutes, Dieudo Hamadi's MAMA COLONEL depicts the challenges of helping victims of domestic violence, rape and child abuse. It revolves around Colonel Munyole Sikujuwa Honorine, a widowed mother of seven and a commander of a police unit for the protection of children and women against sexual violence.

MAMA COLONEL - English Trailer from Andanafilms on Vimeo.

Set in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the film portrays Colonel Honorine's efforts at curtailing social malaises in a society that upholds witch-hunts and disregards rehabilitation for rape victims. Following a recent transfer from Bukavu to Kisangani, she is accompanied through a series of meetings, raids and sensitisation campaigns.
Hamadi and his crew are invisible participants, with the full focus being on Honorine whose activities draw attention to the plight of victims of heart-wrenching/traumatic tales of abandonment and ostracism.

Honorine's altruism and enthusiasm towards her duties are not shared by many. From the deplorable state of her official residence, it is obvious how much currency government places on her unit and its duties. The intention of involving the residents of Kisangani in achieving her goal is also resisted by some who wonder why the rape victims "continue to complain about a war everyone has already forgotten". Asides these obstructions, she also has to cope with hostility from the physically-disabled casualties of war who consider themselves the "real victims" chiefly because they are recognised by government.

Honorine's deft handling of the challenges ahead of her and her unit as well as her confidence in creating a compelling narrative alongside Hamadi's crew, underscore her dedication to effecting positive change in debauched surroundings. However, it is ironic that a society, eager to condemn its children to prophets over allegations of witchcraft, is unwilling to contribute solutions to its communal problems.

MAMA COLONEL, which won two independent jury awards at the 2017 Berlinale [and the prestigious Grand Prize at 2017 Cinéma du réel FilmFest, in Paris, Note by the Editor], is as much homage to Colonel Honorine as it is a criticism of the society she has to deal with. Hamadi's spruced and matronly protagonist shows that there is some hope for Kisangani's neglected and abused, despite society's reluctance to accept them.

by Adefoyeke Ajao

First published in iREP 2017 Newsletter - Issue 1, edited by Derin Ajao, with support of iRep FilmFest and Goethe-Institut Nigeria. Courtesy iREP.

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Maman Colonelle (Mama Colonel) 2017
Dieudo Hamadi

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Hamadi Dieudo


20/10/2016 > 23/10/2016
festival |États-Unis |
Congo in Harlem 2016
8ème édition.

09/02/2017 > 19/02/2017
festival |Allemagne |
Berlinale 2017 (67th Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin)
67ème édition.

15/03/2017 > 19/03/2017
festival |Nigeria |
iREP international Documentary Film Festival 2017
7ème édition. Theme: Archiving Africa. Guest of honour: Jihan El Tahri.

24/03/2017 > 02/04/2017
festival |France |
Cinéma du réel 2017
39e Festival international de documentaires. Dieudo Hamadi et Marie Kâ, en compétition.

27/04/2017 > 06/05/2017
festival |Espagne |
FCAT 2017 - Festival du Cinéma Africain de Tarifa et Tanger
14ème édition.

27/04/2017 > 07/05/2017
festival |Canada |
Hot Docs 2017
Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

03/05/2017 > 14/05/2017
festival |Allemagne |
DOK.fest München 2017
32ème édition. Africa: Africa-Day

13/07/2017 > 23/07/2017
festival |Afrique du Sud |
Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) 2017
38ème édition

09/09/2017 > 15/09/2017
festival |Algérie |
Rencontres cinématographiques de Bejaia 2017
15ème édition.

29/10/2017 > 04/11/2017
festival |Nigeria |
Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF 2017)
7ème édition.

01/11/2017 > 08/11/2017
festival |Allemagne |
Festival International du Film Francophone de Tübingen-Stuttgart 2017
34ème édition de la Französische Filmtage Tübingen-Stuttgart. Focus Afrique. Le Québec est l'invité star du Festival de Tubingen.

10/11/2017 > 17/11/2017
festival |France |
XVème Festival des Cinémas d'Afrique du Pays d'Apt
Fictions, Documentaires, Courts-métrages

11/11/2017 > 19/11/2017
festival |France |
Festival Lumières d'Afrique 2017 (Besançon)
17° édition du festival des cinémas d'Afrique de Besançon

15/11/2017 > 26/11/2017
festival |Pays-Bas |
IDFA 2017 - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
30ème édition.

20/11/2017 > 25/11/2017
festival |Gabon |
Escales documentaires de Libreville 2017
12ème édition

04/12/2017 > 09/12/2017
festival |Sénégal |
Festival du film documentaire de Saint-Louis 2017
4ème édition.

02/03/2018 > 07/03/2018
festival |Burkina Faso |
Journées Cinématographiques de la Femme africaine de l'Image (JCFA 2018)
5e édition.

20/04/2018 > 05/05/2018
festival |Belgique |
Afrika Filmfestival 2018
23ème édition.

10/07/2018 > 15/07/2018
festival |République démocratique du Congo |
Festival du cinéma au féminin - Cinéf 2018
4ème édition.

17/08/2018 > 25/08/2018
festival |France |
Gouel ar Filmoù / Festival de Cinéma de Douarnenez 2018
41ème édition. Festival culturel, festif et militant. Thème : Peuples des Congo(s).

23/08/2018 > 26/08/2018
festival |Suisse |
Festival cinémas d'Afrique - Lausanne 2018
13e édition

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