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Amarachukwu Iwuala
publié le
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Amarachukwu Iwuala, our writer (Africiné Magazine / iREP Report)

Still from 18 Days

Tarek Abouamin, Egyptian Film director

Tarek Abouamin, film director

18 Days, by Tarek Abouamin
When Enough is Enough

The Arab Spring of 2011 continues to be the subject of many a documentary film, owing largely to the revolution's impact.
Following the overthrow of the Egyptian monarchy by the military in 1952, the people had to endure almost six decades of despotism until a generation who could bite got to their wit's end.
Tarek Abouamin's 18 DAYS follows the congregation of protesters at the Tahrir Square from all over Egypt after the people make up their minds against Hosni Mubarak's three decades of misrule. The film draws its title from the length of time it took to dislodge a dictatorship that had robbed many of justice and progress.

Recordings of real-life events show protesters putting pressure on anti-riot police who beat a retreat when they are overwhelmed.
Fortunately, an unwritten consensus by the protesting public ensures no harm against the police, and the protesters are commended for keeping the revolution non-violent. One of the film's interviewees hails the younger generation for "barking and biting" unlike older generations who gathered in living rooms to whine about the situation.

The role that social media played in making the revolution pervasive is also stressed by a writer in an interview with the film's producers.
Abouamin deserves kudos for saying so much in 19 minutes through this well-executed motion picture. 18 DAYS reinforces determination as a key element in achieving set goals especially in the face of bad governance.

By Amarachukwu Iwuala

First published in iREP 2017 Newsletter - Issue 2, edited by Derin Ajao, with support of iRep FilmFest and Goethe-Institut Nigeria. Courtesy iREP.

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18 Days 2011
Tarek Abouamin

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Abouamin Tarek

Ajao Derin


15/03/2017 > 19/03/2017
festival |Nigeria |
iREP international Documentary Film Festival 2017
7ème édition. Theme: Archiving Africa. Guest of honour: Jihan El Tahri.

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Goethe-Institut Lagos (Centre Culturel Allemand, Nigeria)
Nigeria | Lagos

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