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Thierno Ibrahima Dia
publié le
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Thierno I. Dia is a Writer at Africiné Magazine

Logo Ecrans Noirs

Call for entries: Ecrans Noirs 2019, Cameroon
Deadline: 30 March 2019.

The 23rd edition of Ecrans Noirs Festival, scheduled on 13-20 July 2019, in Yaoundé, Cameroon.
Closing date for registration and submission of video files is March 30, 2019, at midnight.

Concerned Films: Films directed by Africans and members of the African diaspora. These include feature and short fiction films (including animated cartoons), documentaries and TV series. Films selected for the festival fall under two categories: competing films and non competing films (retrospective, panorama, tribute or crush).

Please read the regulations (PDF format), before summitting your film for competition.
Fulfill the registration form HERE (online, in English & French)

* Only films or TV series (3 consecutive episodes) produced after the 1st January 2018 will be admitted for the official competition. * Non Cameroonian films must have never been screened at a cinema or outdoors on the Cameroonian territory
* Any film co-directed by two or more authors, among which a non Cameroonian, takes part in the competition under the foreign films' category. Similarly, any film with a cast of less than 60% of African actors will compete under the foreign films' category.
* Ecrans Noirs Festival programmes films directedby non Africans on Africa or on African communities of the diaspora, with a significant number of African actors or which main set is Africa. These films are broadcast either a) in competition among those that have never been screened at a cinema in Cameroon, in a unique category called foreign films no matter the genre, b) or in panorama, tribute or crush.

* Fulfill the registration form HERE
This form should be accompanied by the following documents:
- The technical and artistic sheet of the film.
-The biography and filmography of the producer and possibly that of the filmmaker and possibly that of main actors.
-The biography and filmography of the producer or a resume of the production company.
-Some information on the film (Synopsis, photos, and poster)
- A private link of the film for the selection that must besent to these two email addresses: and
Please contact the festival for any further information by mail :

The filmmaker Bassek ba Kobhio (Sango Malo, 1991, The Great White of Lambarene, 1995,...) is the founder and President of the festival. He annouced, few months ago, his upcoming feature, Gouverneurs de la rosée (Masters of the Dew) to be adapted from the famous eponymous novel written by Haitian late writer Jacques Roumain, translated into English by Langston Hughes and Mercer Cook, in 1971.
The main objectives for the festival are to entertain and show off quality African films to the general public; promoting at an early age in children and youth, a film culture that develops discernment and foster debate; promote get-togethers of film directors, actors and film professionals and the public; promote training in the film and audiovisual fields; foster the training of critics, actors and professionals of film and related trades. Working languages of the festival are English and French. Marcel Epée is the Director of Ecrans Noirs festival.

Thierno I. Dia

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Grand blanc de Lambaréné (Le) 1995
Bassek Ba Kobhio

Sango Malo 1991
Bassek Ba Kobhio

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Épée Marcel

Kouyaté Bassékou

Roumain Jacques


13/07/2019 > 20/07/2019
festival |Cameroun |
Ecrans Noirs 2019
23ème édition.

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