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Sitou Ayité
publié le
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The thirst of change
Sango Malo, from Bassek ba Kobhio

The film is an adaptation from the novel from the same author "Sango Malo, the master of the canton". We notice this African scenery just at the start of the film. Sango Malo tells the story of Malo Malo, revolutionary who refuses any kind of alienation. The director has put the main actor Malo in an ideal fictive set: the Lebamsip village where the headmaster, the village chief and the chief administrator in the village abuse of their authority. Malo came to upset the contrast between that the authority and the credulous village people. Besides, the costumes testify it. The headmaster is always in coat to show his superiority when Malo wear in the most part of the film a leather jacket, sign of rebellion. He shows that he has the white man education but is opposed to snobbery. Malo first, wants to create a small enterprise managed by the villagers themselves whereas anybody in the village should normally buy in the only shop set by the authority. Malo wants then, to spouse a woman without paying the dowry and finally he want to build in the sacred forest.

This thirst Malo shows, is it really for the aspiration of a real change or simply a zeal? Anyway, he defends his ideas to the end, what leads him into some embarrassment : the death of his father in law, his arrest.

Should we change the world without thinking of others? Nevertheless, The one "voit tout" ["see all", in French] tries to warn him. The role of Malo is quite complicated. We would wonder if he is the good or the bad guy. His ambitions are noble but the victims of Malo ambitions are innocent people. Has Malo won his bet? The director preferred an end seldom taken by directors.
This film has been screened at Cannes in 1991

Sitou Ayité

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