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Maghraoui Mohamed
Chef opérateur/trice | Directeur/trice de la photo
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Directeur de la photo tunisien.

Tunisian Director Of Photography and Light Designer.

Mohamed MAGHRAOUI is one of the leading Directors of Photography on the African continent and in the Arab world. His experience ranges from television - he has been throughout his 8 years experience in Canal + Horizons one of the main architects of the French channel camera department - to feature films, documentary series, sitcoms, commercials and musicals on which he both acted as camera operator and DOP, hence strengthening his position and reputation.
Mohamed is a talented, extremely dedicated and hard working person. He is always exploring new technologies in order to offer directors from all over the world the latest advancement at the best of his capabilities and is constantly improving his expertise. He notably attended a fair deal of training courses in connection with stage lighting (ACT - Toulouse, France), High Definition cameras (INA, France), Steadycam operating techniques and Sony digital cameras (Paris, France).
Mohamed is no doubt an all-round artist and has developed his skills accordingly through the observation and study of the great masters of painting such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Turner and Gauguin. He has got also acquaintances with some of the best lighting directors in the movie business notably French Henri Alekan, Italian Vittorio Storaro, Cuban Nestor Almendros, British John Alcott, US Darius Khondji and the German impressionists.
His recently acted as a Director of Photography in Nidhal Chatta's "Last Mirage" starring Jean-Marc Barr and Elisa Tovati. He achieved a stunning imagery in this latter and also in Hatem Ali's "The Long Night" which was acclaimed and awarded for its photography in Rotterdam, Taormina and New Delhi as well as "Selina" a cinema musical written and composed by the Rahabani brothers.
He currently collaborates with Universal Music France (Polydor) and the Qatar Foundation.


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Moi, ma soeur et "la chose" 2006
Chef opérateur/trice

Elle et lui (Hía w'Houa) 2004
Directeur/trice de la photo

Trente (Thalathoun) 2007
Cadreur/se (Caméraman)

10 Courts, 10 Regards 2006
Directeur/trice de la photo

Longue nuit (La) | Al Lail Al tawil 2009
Directeur/trice de la photo

Jeudi après-midi - خميس عشيّة 2012
Directeur/trice de la photo

Mustafa Z - مصطفى زاد 2017
Directeur/trice de la photo

Dernier mirage (Le) 2010
Directeur/trice de la photo

Evasion [réal: M. Ajbouni] - هروب 2008
Directeur/trice de la photo

Tiraillement - حيرة 2010
Directeur/trice de la photo

Masseur (Le) | Ettayeb - الـطيــــــــــّاب 2011
Directeur/trice de la photo

Fleur d'Alep - زهرة حلب 2016
Directeur/trice de la photo

Narcisse (Aziz Rouhou) 2015
Directeur/trice de la photo

Bousculade du 9 avril 1938 - تدافع، 9 أفريل 1938 2012
Directeur/trice de la photo

Affreux, cupides et stupides ! - ! هز يا وز 2013
Directeur/trice de la photo

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tous les textes à propos de Maghraoui Mohamed


Thalathoun (Années trente)
La grande élégance de Fadhel Al Jaziri
Azzedine Mabrouki
publié le 25/07/2009 12:07:32


Thalathoun, de Fadhel Jaziri
L'artificiel et le maniéré
publié le 23/12/2008 02:12:45


Ton corps m'appartient
Moi, ma sœur et "la chose", de Kaouther BEN H'NIA (Tunisie)
Thierno Ibrahima Dia
publié le 11/04/2008 20:04:43


Un film en devenir
Trente, de Fadhel Jaziri (Tunisie)
Mohamed Nasser Sardi
publié le 12/09/2007 02:09:35

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