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Attoh Ken
Acteur/trice | Directeur/trice


Ken Attoh



Ken Attoh is a name synonymous with multimedia design, creative photography and cinematography within the Ghanaian creative industry. He is the chief creative director and producer at Sparrow Productions, a film company based in Accra. He is also the co-founder of Illusions, a creative design studio that specialises in motion design and image manipulation for film and broadcast clients

In 1997, after a professional course in information systems and management, Ken decided to pursue a career path related to his talent and begun his professional life as a fine art illustrator working for Akroma productions, an advertising agency in Accra. Within three years he had gained enough experience working on various accounts which moved him up the creative ranks to become Art Director, in charge of reputable brands like Castle Milk Stout, and Ghana Telecom to name a few. He became one of Ghana’s most sought after graphic designers and professional photographers.

In late 2001 Ken left Ghana to the UK to further his education and also to broaden his exposure within the industry. He studied for a Bachelors degree in Multimedia Arts and also attained a diploma in Digital film Making from Middlesex university in London.

By 2007 Ken had worked for very diverse companies and among the creative elite in London and some of its smaller towns. He also took on many roles as a freelancer. A few of which were Art Director for Citi Bank, web designer for logic media and creative photographer for high-end image retouching company, TaylorJames.

Ken met with Writer/ Film Director, Shirley Frimpong-Manso in 2008. Their professional union encouraged Ken to move back to Ghana. With his experience, he partnered with her and transitioned her events company into a full-blown film production studio.

Today ken has worked as creative director and producer for six of Sparrow’s award winning feature films which includes 'The Perfect Picture' 'A Sting In a Tale' and the ten chapter iconic cinema series 'Adams Apples'

He is a true believer of form follows function, that all things created to perform a particular function should also be presented to attract and appeal through its packaging.

He is inspired by the creative energy he shares with his partner.




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tous les textes Ă  propos de Attoh Ken

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