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Kabera Eric
Journaliste | Producteur/trice | Réalisateur/trice | Scénariste
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KWETU Film Institute (KFI) : Directeur/trice


N√© en 1970, dans l'ancien Za√Įre, actuel R√©publique D√©mocratique du Congo.

Born in 1970, in the former Zaire, now Democratic Republic of Congo, acclaimed Rwandan filmmaker, Eric KABERA made his studies in psychology, pedagogy and law.
After a training offered by Reuters Foundation in London, he became a radio journalist for 3 years with the national broadcaster and a freelancer for the Africa Section of the BBC. He attended one of the major training gatherings in Hollywood (Los Angeles) in directing, production and post production.

at the Los Angeles International Film Festival.

After 1994, Eric started a film production company, Link Media Productions, whose credits range from the first feature length film on the Rwandan genocide 100 Days to multiple documentaries and shorts specializing on the Great Lakes region and Rwanda. He has attended over 40 international film festivals around the world that have programmed his films. His productions had been acclaimed in prestigious film festivals such as Toronto International Film Festival, Vues d'Afrique (Canada), Milan, FESPACO, Los Angeles, ZIFF, Göteborg, New York, African Film Festival,Tribeca, Cape Town World Cinema Festival, Cinema Africa Tokyo etc. Eric has also given talks and presentations at various reputable universities and institutions such as Tufts University (USA), the Dramatic Institute (Stockholm / Sweden), the Gothenburg Film Festival, UCLA, Cal Arts. He was also selected to give a presentation at the World Congress of History Producers in London in 2006, and was also featured at the Frontline Club in London, a coalition of renowned Brintish Journalists who cover events from around the world.

Eric KABERA's talent and vision had been recognized by the Director's Guild of America Inc. chaired by Michael APTED (Gorillas in the Mist) and has been selected among 15 African filmmakers to debate on the new perspective of African cinema, an initiative facilitated by Danny GLOVER (Color Purple, Lethal Weapon I, II, III, IV) with Louvertures Films.

Motivated by the lack of human resources in audiovisual in Rwanda, Eric KABERA founded the Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC) in 2001 with the intention of training and facilitating filmmaking in Rwanda. He is as well a founder member of the East African Filmmakers Forum that covers Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda and he sits on the board of Advisors of Maisha Film Labs alongside with Spike LEE, Raoul PECK, Sofia COPPOLA and Peter CHAPPELL. Maisha Film Labs is an initiative by the acclaimed Indian filmmaker Mira NAIR (Mississippi Massala, Monsoon Wedding, Salaam Bombay,?). He is now the Chairperson of the annual Rwanda Film Festival organized and hosted by RCC.

Out of Eric Kabera's passion to tell a beautiful tale of Africa that captured the imagination of the world, that made people laugh and cry and think out loud, and that, fifteen years on from the Rwandan genocide, depicted many nations living out their tomorrows, came an idea for a story. With life breathed into it by Rhidian Brook and Debs Gardner-Paterson, that story has become'Africa United'.

Eric KABERA is now, the official correspondent of GRN (Global Radio Network) in East Africa. Eric Kabera has produced for broadcasters such as BBC,CNN, NBC,CBC, France2, ZDF, SWF and many other broadcasters and media houses that have covered events in the great lakes region.

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Africa United 2010

100 Days 2006

Gardiens de la mémoire 2004

Kigali Shaolin Temple 2008

Alphonse's Bike 2007

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Génocide au Rwanda, quand le cinéma dit l'indicible
Thierno Ibrahima Dia
publié le 11/04/2014 10:14:00


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Lussas 2004 : Rwanda, Afrique, les seuils de la représentation
Olivier Barlet
publié le 26/08/2004 15:14:05

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16/03/2008 > 30/03/2008
festival |Rwanda |
Rwanda Film Festival 2008
3ème édition. Programme à venir sur le site du festival.



15/05/2008 > 17/05/2008
festival |Belgique |
Rwanda filmfestival



23/07/2011 > 29/07/2011
festival |Rwanda |
Rwanda Film Festival 2011
7ème édition



14/07/2012 > 28/07/2012
festival |Rwanda |
Rwanda Film Festival - RFF 2012
8√®me √©dition. Th√®me : "Ma Voix, Mon Visage, Mon √āme, Mon Identit√©" ("Ma Voice, My Face, My Soul, My Identity")



20/07/2015 > 31/07/2015
festival |Rwanda |
Rwanda Film Festival 2015
10ème édition



22/07/2016 > 29/07/2016
festival |Rwanda |
Rwanda Film Festival - RFF 2016
11è édition. Thème : Versatilité (Versatility).


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