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African Media Entertainment

5th Floor, Park Terras
33 Princess of Wales Terrace
2162 Parktown - JOHANNESBURG
Afrique du Sud
tel.1 : 011 484 0000
fax : 011 484 1444
[envoyer un mail]
site :


African Media Entertainment Limited (AME).

African Media Entertainment ("AME") is a broadcast company listed in the "Media and Entertainment" sector of the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa.

AME is all about radio and every day, we work hard to make our stations as exciting, informative and listener-perfect as possible. AME believes in the power of radio, and is committed to realising its true potential as an advertising medium. We aim not merely to specialise but to excel.

Our success is rooted in our entrepreneurial and energetic brands, as well as having outstanding people throughout our organisation. People who share the same philosophy about operational excellence and customer focus. People who listen to their listeners and work with their advertisers. Enthusiastic people who find fresh, innovative ways to make our stations synonymous with the communities they serve and deliver the best quality prospects to advertisers.

African Media Entertainment Limited (AME).
The Group's principal activity is the operation of broadcasting, film and live media entertainment in South Africa. During the year, the Group has disposed Golden Gloves, Big Concerts, Moonlighting Filmmakers, Exclusive Hire and Penguin Films.

African Media Entertainment Limited is a broadcast company listed in the Media and Entertainment sector of the JSE.

AME's four subsidiaries are:

United Stations

United Stations is a specialist Radio sales house employing a distinctive method of marketing and selling Radio to maximise the revenue streams of radio stations, while delivering an excellent return on investment to advertisers.

United Stations sells advertising, sponsorships and promotions and develops sustainable market driven concepts and Radio properties for a portfolio of stations.


RadioHeads is a radio advertising specialist that develops creative solutions that meet the objectives of both clients and Radio stations.

RadioHeads is dedicated to providing advertisers and agencies with a single point of contact for information, ad rates, ad campaign schedule planning, ad buys, and creative development, reducing transaction time and costs for buyers and sellers of advertising time.

Our sustainable competitive advantage is derived from our proprietary concepts and advertising solutions, that enable our clients to plan, create and buy across every station in the country, from just one phone call.

Algoa FM

ALGOA FM is the voice of the Eastern Cape. Broadcasting an Adult Contemporary format ALGOA FM is the first choice, offering the best mix of our target market's favourite hits. Programming includes newscasts, weather reports, sport, local entertainment information, and community orientated fund raising campaigns. Presented by trusted personalities, ALGOA FM is synonymous with the lifestyle of upper income earners in the Eastern Cape.


OFM is the number one radio station in Central South Africa. The station serves one of the wealthiest and most loyal audiences in the country. Run by an enthusiastic and experienced team with a passion for radio, OFM is in tune with its listeners' lifestyle. This lifestyle is reflected in a menu of only the best of Adult Contemporary, Golden Oldie and Easy FM sounds designed to deliver an upscale audience between the ages of 25 and 49.

Non Executive Chairman
Connie G. Molusi

Chief Operating Officer
Stan Katz

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