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Accent Films
Distribution | Distribution (Ventes Internationales)

Rue de la Gare 46
tel.1 : +41 21 963 9300
fax : +41 21 963 9305
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site :


Accent Films International

Accent Films International Ltd. est spécialisé dans la distribution de films documentaires à des diffuseurs télé sur une base globale

Nous cherchons continuellement de nouveaux documentaires auprès des producteurs et auteurs partout dans le monde pour une distribution mondiale.

Accent Films International Ltd. is specialised in distributing documentary-films to TV-broadcasters on a global base. Please select your genre-type by clicking on the corresponding icon.

We are continually looking for new compelling documentaries from producers and authors around the world for world-wide distribution.


Accent Films International Ltd. is an independent film-distribution company, selling films to TV-broadcasters world-wide and was founded in February 2002 by Carol Spycher after 8 years of experience in the film and television business.

Carol Spycher's CV: Studied English Language, Literature & History of Art at the University of Kent at Canterbury (UK). First finding her way into the exciting German TV-landscape with private TV-stations mushrooming in 1994, she joined TBA Films & TV in Hamburg for 3 years (representing Channel 4, Carlton a.o. productions on the German-speaking TV-market), then moving on to the busy documentary production-area at Swiss TV DRS in Zürich (Switzerland) from 1997, working for Executive Producer Otto C. Honegger's documentary prime-time slot called DOK. There she initiated the promotion of documentary films until her independent start as distributor in 2002.

Carol Spycher is regularly taking part in EDN Events like the EDN Pitching Workshops in Bardonecchia (Italy) and Jihlava (Czech Republic) and she believes in the importance of a vivid exchange with film-directors from an early project-stage. In some cases, Accent Films International is actively seeking co-producers and arranging pre-sales in the TV arena. Another important area is the DVD market, in which Accent Films International collaborates with an ever-expanding network of DVD-distributors.

The service offered by Accent Films International is to promote single and serial documentaries to TV-buyers on a world-wide level. A catalogue of high-quality documentaries with international topics in virtually all genres is available and can be pre-screened as trailers on our website. With Accent Films International you see the world with a different accent!

The content distributed consists of completed productions by experienced authors and highly talented newcomers who produce for television or for the cinema who offer good stories and high-quality film-making. The formats most welcome are 52 or 26 minutes.

Accent Films International is present at all major TV-markets and documentary film-festivals and is looking forward to meeting you there!

In order for us to make that special difference, contact us to talk about how you can profit from our world-wide network.

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