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Aruba Film Production
Production | Production Exécutive | Production déléguée

Aruba Film Productions | AIFF N.V.
J.E. Irausquin Blvd # 382-A
ARUBA, Dutch Caribbean
tel.1 : +297 586-7450
fax : +297 586-7455
[envoyer un mail]
site :


Aruba Film Production N.V.

Giuseppe Cioccarelli, Producteur & Jonathan Vieira, Producteur.

Aruba est dans les Antilles NĂ©erlandaises.

About Us

Aruba Film Production N.V. is an independent production company specializing in commercials, photo shoots and feature films. The company was founded by Giuseppe Cioccarelli & Jonathan Vieira.

Giuseppe Cioccarelli is a veteran Line Producer with over 20 years of experience. He started his career in Italy in 1986 at FilmMaster, the biggest commercial production company in Italy.

In 1990 he started to freelance as a Line Producer for some of the most successful commercial and filmmakers in the world, among them Tarsem, Steve Rogers, Michael Bay, Peter Thwaites, Lenard Dorfman, Giuseppe Tornatore, John Hushenurst, Waine Maule, and Louis Pascale Couvelaire. He has also worked for some of the biggest Production Companies such as Radikal Media, Knucklehead, Strawdogs, and Gorgeous.
Some of Giuseppe's credits include Christmas in India, Manuale d'Amore 2, Grande Grosso e Verdone, Italians [produced by Aurelio De Laurentiis], BlackOut [produced Capitol], and Harb Hatalia [produced by al-Masah], a blockbuster movie that has been seen over one billion people in the arab world.
Giuseppe has a keen sense for locations all around the world and has traveled the globe in his career and shot movies in Australia, South Africa, Marocco, Dubai, Brasil, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Malta, Philippines, India, Italy, Siria just to name a few.

Jonathan Vieira was born and raised on the Dutch island of Aruba. Mr. Vieira graduated Full Sail University with both a Film & Video Degree and Recording Arts Degree.

Jonathan is a well known music and television producer in Aruba. Jonathan gained his experience working for some of the leading entertainment companies in the world. Jonathan has produced live events shows in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.

As a composer Jonathan's work has been featured on MTV, Discovery Channel and Bravo Network. Jonathan has composed for royalty and performed piano concerts for Prime Ministers and Governors. In the summer he serves as the judge on the Aruban version of Amercian Idol called Sparkling Tours.

Combined Giuseppe and Jonathan speak 6 languages and have done business in almost every part of the world. This dynamic team of two are experts when it comes to the needs of production companies shooting abroad.

The Aruba International Film Festival is being organized by a local film producing company called Aruba Film. Italian film producer Guiseppe Cioccarelli, a 20 year veteran of the film industry, teams up with Jonathan Vieira, a rising young talent on the Island who is not only a music and video producer but a brilliant musician as well.

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Giuseppe Cioccarelli
Jonathan Vieira

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04/06/2010 > 10/06/2010
festival |Aruba |
Aruba International Film Festival (AIFF 2010)
1Ăšre Ă©dition


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