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Kenya Film Commission (KFC)
Opérateur culturel | Centre de ressources

Muthangari Drive, LavingtonP. O. Box 76417 00508
tel.1 : + 254 020 3866114/6
tel.2 : + 254 020 3866121
fax : +254 020 3866117
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site :


About Us The KFC's MANDATE is to make Kenya a center of excellence in film production. This includes helping to create an enabling environment for the development of a vibrant local industry as well as marketing Kenya as a leading destination for foreign filmmakers. The Commission's vision is to strive for a quality local film and video industry that is representative of the nation and commercially viable. This is to be done using various institutional development tactics, capacity building and strategic planning. The KFC can offer detailed information on the stunning Kenyan locations; from savannah grasslands to heritage landscapes- we are here to provide answers for your recee needs. We offer free liaison services and using our connections to the government and various other service providers we can help smooth over the bureaucratic speed bumps that may sometimes plague a movie production. Amongst our resources is an extensive database that can be highly useful to production houses and directors looking to source from the vast array of Kenyan talent. Our mandate and core functions The Commission is mandated to perform the following functions: To advise the government and other relevant stakeholders on matters pertaining to development, co-ordination, regulation and promotion of the film industry in Kenya; To facilitate the provision of content development, funding and investment for film projects; To market Kenya as a centre for excellence in film production; To facilitate proper keeping of Film Archives in Kenya; To facilitate investment in the development of film industry infrastructure; Vision To be the reputed film partner of choice Mission Create a gateway to economic growth through excellence in film Strategic Objectives To provide guidance on film industry legislation and policy framework To increase international film production in Kenya To promote proper preservation of film materials in Kenya To enhance investment in films projects To promote the development of a vibrant local film Industry To improve KFC's institutional capacity and recognition To ensure customer satisfaction Our Core Values Integrity - Professionalism - Customer Orientation - Creativity and Innovation - Corporate Social Responsibility

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Membre de la structure
Charles Peter Asiba

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autour de la structure Kenya Film Commission (KFC)


TRIBUTE - Charles Asiba: Festival director who would put Kenya on the map
Mwenda wa Micheni
publié le 26/02/2015 00:02:56

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