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Goethe-Centre NaDS/Windhoek
Centre Culturel

P.O.Box 1208
1-5 Fidel Castro Street
tel.1 : +264 61 225700
fax : +264 61 221256
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About us
The Goethe-Centre in co-operation with the Namibian-German Foundation for Cultural Co-operation is the only German cultural centre in Namibia. Our aim is to promote the German language through language classes and through courses for teachers of ‚German as Foreign Language'. We furthermore thrive to foster intercultural co-operation between Namibia and Germany with a special focus on reconciliation between the colonial history and the Namibia of today.
Our cultural programme as well as the information work of the media center aim to mediate a modern and complete picture of all fields of German life.
We see ourselves as partners of other Namibian cultural institutions and organisations, joining forces in professional partnership and dialogue. Our services are available to anybody interested in Germany, the German language or the German culture.

The socio-political interests resulting from a specific politico-cultural relationship between Namibia and Germany are one of the challenges of our work. Focusing on innovative concepts which ought to foster mutual understanding, we put special emphasis on cultural exchange in the fields of art, science and media.

Director of the Institute

Director of the Institute
Sabine Aquilini
Institute Director
Tel: +264 61 225700
Fax: +264 61 221256

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autour de la structure Goethe-Centre NaDS/Windhoek


AfricAvenir relève "Un homme à terre" (Man On Ground)
En hommage aux réfugiés, le partenaire d'Africiné organise la Première namibienne du dernier film de Akin Omotoso
Thierno Ibrahima Dia
publié le 29/06/2013 15:06:29

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projection |Namibie |
SOUL BOY, by Hawa Essuman
AfricAvenir & Goethe-Centre present Namibian Premiere of "SOUL BOY" on Tuesday, June 05. Directed by Hawa Essuman, produced by Tom Tykwer & Marie Steinmann, Kenya/Germany, 2010, 60 minutes



projection |Namibie |
AfricAvenir screens "Cameroon-Autopsy of an Independence‏"
a documentary directed by Gaelle Le Roy and Valérie Osouf, about the secret colonial war by France in Cameroon. World Premiere of English subtitled Version. 19h30 - N$30



projection |Namibie |
AfricAvenir screens "Ramata" by Leandre-Alain Baker
AfricAvenir & Goethe-Centre present Namibian Premiere of RAMATA, a feature by Leandre-Alain Baker, Senegal, English subtitled version, 1h30 mn. 19h00 - N$30.



projection |Namibie |
AfricAvenir presents "Sobukwe - A great Soul", by Mickey Madoda Dube
Namibian Premiere, at 20h00 (Goethe-Centre, Auditorium). SPECIAL GUEST: Gcina Mhlophe (Council member of the NFVF, National Film and Video Foundation, South Africa).



projection |Namibie |
Monthly filmseries "African Perspectives" 2013/04/27: GREY MATTER by Kivu Ruhorahoza (Rwanda)
Screening of Grey Matter, the first Rwandese feature film. SAT 27 April 2013, 7 p.m., Goethe-Centre



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "678" by Mohamed Diab, Egypt, 2011, 100 min
Namibian Premiere. 19h00 @ Goethe-Centre Windhoek. Entrance is 30,- Nam$. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director of Sister Namibia, Laura Sasman.



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "Man On Ground" by Akin Omotoso, South Africa 2011, 80 min
Namibian Premiere. 19h00 @ Goethe Centre, Windhoek. Entrance is 30,- Nam$. Q-and-A after the screening with Dr. Lawrence Mbangson, Resident Representative of the UNHCR in Namibia.



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "Rwagasore. Life, Struggle, and Hope" by Justine Bitagoye & Pascal Capitolin, Burundi 2012, 67 min
Namibian Premiere. 19h00 @ Goethe Centre, Windhoek



12/08/2013 > 17/08/2013
cycle de cinéma |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents 1st Week of Classic Egyptian Film
In 2013 the week will focus on films from the late 1950's to the early 1970's. Pharaoh's Lounge is the main sponsor. (Time: 19h00). Entrance: 30,- N$. Venue: Goethe-Centre, Auditorium



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "The Mecreants" by Mohcine Besri, Morocco, 2012, 100 min
Namibian Premiere. 19h00 @ Goethe-Centre Windhoek. Entrance is 30,- Nam$. The screening will be followed by a discussion with the director of Sister Namibia, Laura Sasman.



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "Andalusia, My Love!" by Mohamed Nadif, Morocco, 2012, 86 min
Namibian Film Premiere. 19h00 @ Goethe-Centre Windhoek. Entrance is 30,- Nam$.


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