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Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF)

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Festival fondé en 1976

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) ranks among the most prestigious international film festivals in the world. For ten days, film lovers, filmmakers, industry professionals and media watch the best in new cinema from established masters and new talent.

The Toronto International Film Festival...

> Presents one of the world's largest annual showcases of Canadian film with the Canada First!, Short Cuts Canada and Canadian Open Vault programmes.
> received 4,156 submissions and screened 349 films (2007 figures).
> has 19 programmes in which films from 55 countries are screened (2007 figures).
> presents two public screenings of virtually every invited film and at least one screening for press and industry.
> accredits over 1,000 international media.
> attracts thousands of Canadian and international industry delegates.

As one of the world's most important cultural events, TIFF consistently strives to set the standard for excellence in film programming. Audiences are exposed to the work of emerging talent and masters of the cinema craft from around the world.

The Festival also serves as a platform for this country's artists to share their stories. Audacious in its selection and supported by the strength and intelligence of its international audience, TIFF has become the landmark destination for the moving image - and is forging ahead, seeking new ways to engineer creative and cultural discovery through film.

The level of engagement the Festival sustains from year to year is unique. Enthusiastic audiences and filmmakers are privy to unprecedented levels of access to one another as they exchange ideas about the art and business of filmmaking.

Up-and-coming Canadian filmmakers gain unparalleled insight into the workings of the international market. Media from around the globe converge on the Festival, creating buzz and stirring excitement over films and the talent behind them. Film buyers and other industry professionals, meanwhile, can choose from extensive additional screenings and specialized industry programming that empower them to make informed business decisions for days and months ahead. The Festival also provides excellent resources and networking opportunities for film-industry professionals and buyers.

From the efficiency and dedication of the Festival's staff and volunteers to its vast contribution to the culture and economy of the City of Toronto, the Toronto International Film Festival has earned its long-standing reputation as a leader in the international film community.

Toronto International Film Festival Group (TIFFG)

The Toronto International Film Festival Group is a charitable, not-for-profit, cultural organization whose mission is to transform the way people see the world. Its vision is to lead the world in creative and cultural discovery through the moving image.

The Group generates an annual economic impact of $67 million CAD, including $33 million in tourism, and operates with an annual budget of $17 million. Currently, the Group employs more than 100 full-time staff, 500 part-time and seasonal staff, and counts upon the largesse of over 2000 volunteers year-round.

TIFFG is comprised of several dynamic initiatives:

The Toronto International Film Festival, now in its 31st year, is widely recognized as the most important film festival after Cannes and the most successful public film festival in the world.

Cinematheque Ontario is a year-round screening programme of the classics of world cinema and contemporary arthouse films. It presents critically-acclaimed film retrospectives, directors' spotlights and exclusive limited runs. Since its inception in 1990, Cinematheque Ontario membership has grown more than 350 per cent.

Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children, celebrating its 10th anniversary in April, presents Canadian and international films geared toward family and school audiences, organizes popular workshops for children and educators, and raises funds for those who lack access to the educational and cultural experience provided by Sprockets. Since its inaugural year in 1998, the audience for Sprockets has dramatically increased from 2,000 to 16,000.

Film Circuit is a grassroots, community-driven network of more than 160 cities across Canada, providing Canadian and international films to formerly under-serviced areas. Since it started in 1995, this immensely popular initiative has expanded by 130 locations and has organized numerous national re-releases and international tours of Canadian film.
The Film Reference Library, with more than 16,000 book titles and 60,000 film-related files, holds the world's most extensive English language collection of Canadian film-related material and unique holdings of Canada's most esteemed filmmakers, including David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Bruce McDonald, Don McKellar and Patricia Rozema.

Reel Talk is an immensely popular subscription series which features monthly sneak preview screenings of Academy Award®-calibre films and the best in international cinema, followed by interactive, informal discussions with film critics and professionals.

Canada's Top Ten promotes and celebrates Canadian cinema through an annual initiative whereby some of this country's leading experts in Canadian cinema - film critics, academics and industry professionals - select the best Canadian films of the year.

Industry Initiatives serves the constituency on a year-round basis, offering master classes and supporting other divisions in the Group with specialized industry programming and project development. For the Toronto International Film Festival, services include the Sales Office, the largest "unofficial" market for films. Programmes and services provided during the Festival are designed to address issues that are critical to the industry while providing open and accessible learning opportunities for professionals.


For the last 30 years, the Toronto International Film Festival Group has expanded its initiatives considerably, becoming a leader in the Canadian and international film industries. Since its inception in 1976, the Toronto International Film Festival has been a key cultural event for the Greater Toronto Area. The Group also includes Cinematheque Ontario, Film Circuit, Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children, Reel Talk, the Film Reference Library, and Industry Programming and Services. Additional events throughout the year include Canada's Top Ten, an annual industry and public initiative inaugurated by TIFFG to recognize and honour excellence in Canadian cinema. Each initiative is a trailblazer in its own right and collectively make the Toronto International Film Festival Group one of the most important film institutions in the world.

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Directeur/trice artistique
Cameron Bailey

Rasha Salti
Cameron Bailey

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INumber Number, de Donovan Marsh (Afrique du Sud, 2013)
publié le 19/09/2013 22:09:38


Of Good Report, de Jahmil XT Qubeka, Afrique du Sud
En Première mondiale, au Festival international de Film de Toronto (TIFF)
publié le 13/09/2013 23:09:36


Interview with the Director Jahmil XT Qubeka
"How it feels to be not able to watch"
publié le 13/09/2013 23:09:34


Interview with Jim Chuchu, director of Homecoming (Kenya)
"I have been very lucky with my work"
publié le 12/09/2013 22:09:57


Festival International du Film de Toronto 2012
Une plateforme internationale rêvée pour les cinéastes africains
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Tahrir 2011, the good, the bad and the politician
Egyptian stories in big film festival
publié le 10/10/2011 00:10:49


Festival de Toronto 2009
Blackberry et les cinéphiles
publié le 27/09/2009 10:09:30


Jamais sans ma Cadillac !
publié le 24/09/2009 16:09:38


Festival de Toronto 2009
Haïti : L'Automne du Patriarche
publié le 16/09/2009 19:09:37


Festival de Toronto 2009 (Canada)
Bouffées de fêtes sur les rives du lac Ontario
publié le 12/09/2009 18:09:41


Festival de Toronto : un Chef d'oeuvre argentin
publié le 21/12/2008 00:12:04


Lettre de Toronto / Hors des sentiers battus
publié le 22/10/2008 16:10:11


Festival de Toronto : Ciné-Marathon
publié le 24/09/2008 18:09:05

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04/09/2008 > 13/09/2008
festival |Canada |
33ème Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF, 2008)
33ème édition



10/09/2009 > 20/09/2009
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF, 2009)
34ème édition



09/09/2010 > 19/09/2010
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF, 2010)
35ème édition



08/09/2011 > 18/09/2011
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF, 2011)
36ème édition



06/09/2012 > 16/09/2012
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF 2012)
37ème édition



05/09/2013 > 15/09/2013
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF 2013)
38ème édition. Festival boasts 146 World Premieres and films from 70 countries



04/09/2014 > 14/09/2014
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF 2014)
39ème édition.



08/09/2016 > 18/09/2016
festival |Canada |
Festival International du Film de Toronto (TIFF 2016)
41ème édition.


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