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Africultures Festival

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Celebration of African Cultures
The Celebration of the African Cultures is an annual festival showcasing the rich African heritage and culture of Africa. The celebration is a one day event held at the Auburn Park, Auburn. The diverse programming on the day includes poetry, dance, music, fashion shows, comedy, acrobatics, and exhibitions of technology, community information, foods, and African arts and crafts.

Who we are
The festival is organised by a committee of people from a number of African countries, service providers and Auburn City Council.

The Celebration of African Cultures began in 2009 and provides an opportunity for the wider community to increase their understanding and appreciation of traditions and cultures from the African continent. The festival invites all communities to actively participate in the event and increase their networks. We invite our partners to share and disseminate information on their services, as we celebrate the contribution of the many African cultures to the local community. Through the Celebration of the African Cultures, both African and non-African communities have an opportunity to engage with each other, promoting links with the local businesses, organizations and service providers.

Since then, we have touched people's lives in profound and unimaginable ways. Today, we are an inseparable part of African - Australian life and expression. We could not have done it without the community people with whom we have partnered to create a cultural event and bring opportunity to many.

Our Mission
The Celebration provides an opportunity for those who have migrated to Australia from Africa to celebrate aspects of their culture through music, arts, crafts, dance and food.

Provide opportunity for Africans from different African cultures to meet and socialise.
Provide other members of the community an opportunity to discover the richness of the African cultures.
Strengthen relationships between the local African communities, enable the wider community to learn about African cultures and encourage Africans to feel proud of their cultural heritage.
To stimulate and provide channels for individual and group participation in the development of cultural and community services in the area.
Promote and support community based cultural projects where communities and participants have an active role in directing and controlling their own activities.
Stimulate and provide opportunities for community development programs with a focus on cultural projects that have tangible social, community and artistic development outcomes.
To provide organizations an opportunity to showcase their goods and services.

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festival |Australie |
Africultures Festival 2012
4ème édition



festival |Australie |
Africultures Festival 2013



festival |Australie |
Africultures Festival 2014
6 ème édition


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