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African Pictures at Seattle
Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF 2019 runs from May 16 to June 9, 2019


SIFF is thrilled to present African Pictures, showcasing the best filmmaking happening in and about Africa today. This program brings shorts and features, documentaries and fiction films to American audiences who might never have the chance to see them otherwise. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to experience innovative and inspiring filmmaking from across the continent.

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Among the characters we meet in this drama set in a Casablanca hospital: a young boy with a grave injury, his small-town parents, the boy's estranged uncle, an idealistic doctor, and a suicide-attempt survivor.
SAT · May 18 11:30 AM · SIFF Cinema Uptown
SUN · May 19 8:30 PM · Pacific Place
WED · May 29 8:45 PM · Lincoln Square

In this unabashed heart-tugger, a man disfigured by leprosy leaves his colony, joined by an orphan, to travel across Egypt and search for the family who abandoned him as a child.
FRI May 17 · 8:30 PM · SIFF Cinema Uptown
MON May 20 · 4:30 PM · Pacific Place

Fig Tree
In the midst of the Ethiopian Civil War, a 16-year-old Jewish girl attempts to save her Christian boyfriend from being drafted into the army just as her family is set to escape to Israel.
SUN May 19 · 6:00 PM · Ark Lodge
TUE May 21 · 7:15 PM · Pacific Place

Before the Vows
In this rom-com, two enamored young Ghanaians seem perfect for each other, but their parents' strained marriages and feelings for old flames engender doubts about the very institution itself.
MON May 20 · 6:30 PM · Ark Lodge
SAT May 25 · 8:00 PM · SIFF Cinema Uptown
SUN May 26 · 8:15 PM · Lincoln Square

Director David Hambridge, producer Andrew Brown, composer Kevin Matley, and rhino handlers James Mwenda and Joseph Wachirav scheduled to attend☆
Sudan, a northern white rhino, is the very last male of his subspecies; Jojo and Jacob are two new keepers at Kenya's Ol Pejeta Conservancy tasked with his care.
TUE MAY 21 · 7:00 PM · SIFF Cinema Egyptian☆
WED MAY 22 · 400 PM · SIFF Cinema Uptown☆
MON JUN 3 · 4:30 PM · SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Mercy of the Jungle
d. Joël Karekezi, Belgium

Sew the Winter to My Skin
d. Jahmil X.T. Qubeka, South Africa

EXT. Night
d. Ahmad Abdalla, Egypt

d. Ben Asamoah, Belgium

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Miséricorde de la jungle (La) | Mercy of the Jungle (The) 2018
Joël Karekezi

Yomeddine 2018
Abu Bakr Shawky

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