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Femme à la caméra (La) | Camera/Woman
A Woman with a Camera [working Title]
Karima Zoubir
Moyen | Maroc | 2012





Se battant pour son indépendance, Khadija est une Marocaine divorcée qui défie sa famille et travaille comme camérawoman pour des mariages.

de Karima Zoubir, Maroc, 2012, couleur, HDcam, 59', Doc.

Producteurs : Karima Zoubir & Rachid Biyi

Réalisatrice : Karima Zoubir

Image : Gris Jordana

Scénario : Karima Zoubir

Montage : Sofi Escudé

Son : Sanaa Fadel & Karym Ronda

Musique : Naissam Jalal

Production : Karima Zoubir (Les Films de Demain)

Pays de production: Maroc


Les Films de Demain lesfilmsdedemain(@)

Thèmes : Questions sociales / Politique / Société

Fonds francophone pour les programmes audiovisuels (OIF / CIRTEF, Paris)

* AIDE A LA PRODUCTION : session de novembre 2012

* Montant de l'aide : 15.000 €

Moroccan divorcee Khadija works as a camerawoman at weddings in Casablanca. Her mother and brother strongly disagree with her choice of occupation and want her to quit. They're already ashamed enough that Khadija, the mother of an 11-year old son, is living back at home. But Khadija is the breadwinner in the family and she won't back down. She's sometimes out for several days in a row at parties and weddings, working until the early morning. Although a working woman is a taboo in the conservative section of Moroccan society, the demand for female camera operators is big, because families prefer having a woman film their daughters at their wedding. The fairytale world of the average wedding party is a sharp contrast to the reality of divorces and forced marriages. But traditional values are under pressure even in Morocco, with women like Khadija demanding freedom and independence, while also wanting to honor the wishes of their families. Together with her best friend Bouchra, also a divorcee, Khadija talks candidly about the other side of marriage. Alternately joyful and sad, the women wonder aloud why they're still not equal to men.

by Karima Zoubir, Morocco, 2012, color, HDcam, 59'

Long Synopsis

Woman with a Camera follows the life of an illiterate, religiously-conservative woman determined to work as wedding videographer in Casablanca despite overwhelming resistance from her family and the society around her.

Arab women, especially in Morocco, live in a society ruled by men, where the legitimate desire of each woman to explore and be independent, is often threatened by tradition as well as a very conservative interpretation of Islam. Paradoxically, because of the recent surge in conservatism, female wedding videographers are more in demand than ever because families are more and more concerned about who films their daughters and how.

The film will follow how being a wedding videographer is changing the life of Khadija Harrad, a single, divorced woman, whose family wants her to remarry and stop working. The increasing conservatism of some Moroccan families has enabled this woman to gain a level of independence otherwise unthinkable outside of her home. The film will show how the camera plays a liberating role, all the while placing this woman in a daily struggle over women's position in Moroccan society.

The independence that she experiences is relative. Khadija Harrad, is a part of the new generation of young, divorced women in Morocco. Mother of an 11 year old, she faces daily harassment from her parents and her brother, who are all ashamed that she is divorced. Her brother wants her to stop her work as a wedding videographer, despite the fact she earns the most money in the family, because the work requires her to come home late at night. He doesn't want her behavior ruining his reputation in the neighborhood. Her mother wants her to remarry as soon as possible, because she is concerned about the chances of Harrad's younger sister ever marrying when she has a divorced older sister.

As the wedding season in Casablanca unfolds, Woman with a Camera will follow Khadija as she moves back and forth from her conflictual home life to the hopeful, fantasy world of the wedding days she films. It is a world of great beauty and sweet dreams in the videos she films, but in reality the weddings are an expression of the struggles women face in contemporary Morocco to combat exclusion and oppression and somehow move beyond them.


Karima Zoubir

Gris Jordana

Karima Zoubir

Sofi Escudé

Sanaa Fadel
Karym Ronda

Naissam Jalal

Karima Zoubir, for Les Films de Demain

Country of Production: Morocco

Contact info / Screening Copy
Les Films de Demain

Human Interest / Social Issues / Politics / Society

Selected for
Forum Online 2012
IDFA 2012 - competitive program: IDFA Competition for Mid-Length Documentary

DOCS 2012
IDFA Fund 2011

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autre titre du film
A Woman with a Camera [working Title]

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Karima Zoubir
Rachid Biyi

Karima Zoubir

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Films de demain (les)
Karima ZOUBIR, productrice
367, BD Oued Sebou, RC. El Oulfa
20220 Casablanca
[envoyer un mail]

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autour du film Femme à la caméra (La) | Camera/Woman



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22/07/2011 > 25/07/2011
festival |Afrique du Sud |
Durban FilmMart 2011
2ème édition



14/11/2012 > 25/11/2012
festival |Pays-Bas |
IDFA 2012 - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
IDFA 2012 - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 25 édition



22/04/2013 > 28/04/2013
festival |Maroc |
FIDADOC 2013 - Festival International du Documentaire à Agadir
5ème édition



31/05/2013 > 09/06/2013
festival |Belgique |
Festival International du Film Documentaire Millenium 2013
5ème édition



29/06/2013 > 07/07/2013
festival |Tanzanie |
Festival International du film de Zanzibar - Festival of the Dhow Countries (ZIFF) 2013
16th Festival of the Dhow Countries. Theme: A Shared Heritage



25/10/2013 > 02/11/2013
festival |France |
Cinémed 2013 - Festival international du Cinéma Méditérranéen de Montpellier
35ème édition



05/12/2013 > 12/12/2013
festival |Belgique |
Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen de Bruxelles 2013
La 13ème édition du festival sera l'occasion pour tous de découvrir le meilleur de la production cinématographique actuelle des pays du Sud dans une ambiance festive et chaleureuse.



21/01/2014 > 31/01/2014
festival |France |
Regards sur le cinéma du monde 2014
19e édition.



29/03/2014 > 05/04/2014
festival |Maroc |
Festival International du Cinéma Méditerranéen de Tétouan (FICMT 2014)
20éme édition.



08/04/2014 > 13/04/2014
festival |France |
Rencontres internationales des cinémas arabes 2014
2ème édition. Hommage à Mahamet Saleh Haroun (Tchad) et Faouzi Bensaidi (Maroc).



29/04/2014 > 11/05/2014
festival |France |
Panorama des cinémas du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient 2014 - 9e PCMMO
Le 9e Panorama des Cinémas du Maghreb et du Moyen-Orient, c'est du 29 avril au 11 mai 2014, une édition riche de films aussi variés par leur provenance que par leurs choix esthétiques et thématiques, en présence des réalisateurs.



programme |Nigeria |
African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA 2016)
12ème édition.



24/11/2017 > 05/12/2017
festival |France |
Festival du film franco-arabe de Noisy-le-Sec 2017
6e édition


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