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Augetto Graig @Words in Motion - AfricAvenir & Spoken Word Namibia collaboration 2013

In February 2013, AfricAvenir & Spoken Word presented an evening of poetry and short films, "Words in Motion - Poetry meets Film". This merger was a first in Namibia.
In the opening show of Spoken Word in 2013 four magnificent African short films were screened, whereby in between Namibian poets presented pieces of poetry about the films and the topics addressed in the four short films.
The four films were:
Lezare - For Today, Ethiopia, directed by Zelalem Woldemariam,
Zebu and the Photofish, Kenya/Uganda, directed by Zippy Nyaruri,
We also walked on the Moon, DRC/Algeria, directed by Balufu Bakupa Kanyinda,
Restless Wandering, Tunisia/Algeria, directed by Nouri Bouzid, with late actor Sotigui Kuyate in his last role.

Here is a poem by Augetto Graig, For Today, based on the short film Lezare - For Today, Ethiopia, directed by Zelalem Woldemariam, 14 min.

For Today
Augetto Graig

For Today, just for Today,
won't you please try to see it my way?
Forget your judgments and what you take for granted.
Don't assume I also woke up in a bed.
Remember what dirt feels like between your toes.
I do cause I've never had shoes, God only knows.
Imagine that pit in your stomach in the morning when there is nothing to eat.
Can you imagine that pit the morning after you were hungry the night and still went to sleep?
For Today, just for Today,
don't you dare tell me about tomorrow.
When you get hurt, feel bad or sad, someone comes to wipe away your sorrow.
Won't you instead allow your head to get it like I get it?
Won't you instead allow your heart to feel it like I know it?
For today, why don't you feel that every comfort is precious, and fragile, and lucky?
Why don't you know to be thankful for chances given, which must be seen and taken, for nothing is given?
For Today, just for Today,
why don't you also see me?
See beautiful opportunity instead of dusty, raggedy orphan me.
And maybe you would just talk to me,
Instead of shouting and sending me off empty.
For Todays, just for Today,
won't you please forgive me?
I'm living for today.
It's all I have.
I'm a pauper in a world of plenty.

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Mahnke Hans-Christian

Woldemariam Zelalem

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