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FNCC - Franco Namibian Cultural Centre
Centre Culturel

118 Robert Mugabe Avenue
PO Box 11622
tel.1 : +264 61 387 330
fax : +264 61 224 927
[envoyer un mail]
site :


About the FNCC

The Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) is one of most important players in Namibia's cultural scene. The centre aims to intensify the cultural cooperation between Namibia and France while promoting and supporting Namibian cultural identity.

The FNCC offers French language cultural activities by making a public library and periodicals available, by organizing French language courses and facilitating lectures, film screenings, theatre plays, concerts and exhibitions.

We also aim to promote and support Namibian artists and cultural projects by offering our know-how, resources and equipment.

Our bi-monthly Diary of Events, the Franco, keeps you up to date with cultural happenings facilitated or supported by the FNCC.

Some features:

* Bi-national structure, ruled under Namibian legislation and funded by the French government
* FNCC inauguration on January 30, 1991 in Windhoek
* Foundation stone of the new building on June 25, 1998, by both presidents Sam Nujoma and Jacques Chirac. The Namibian side bringing the land and the French side the construction.

The present building consists of:

* six classrooms
* an art workshop
* a photo laboratory
* a large multipurpose gallery
* a cinema theatre
* a library and a resource centre
* an ancient house, dated back to 1908 and classified as historical monument, hosting our brand-new Café-Restaurant, The Blue Frog Restaurant.

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autour de la structure FNCC - Franco Namibian Cultural Centre


AfricAvenir relève "Un homme à terre" (Man On Ground)
En hommage aux réfugiés, le partenaire d'Africiné organise la Première namibienne du dernier film de Akin Omotoso
Thierno Ibrahima Dia
publié le 29/06/2013 15:06:29

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projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "The Cradock Four" - A film by David Forbes
Namibian Premiere. 18h30 @ FNCC, Entrance 10,- Nam$



projection |Namibie |
AfricAvenir & FNCC to ReScreen the film SOBUKWE - A GREAT SOUL, April 10th
by Director Mickey Madoda Dube | South Africa 2011 | 104 min... / At the FNCC, Entrance: 20,- Nam$ / and GREY MATTER (Rwanda) on April 27, 2013



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "Africa Shafted: Under one roof" - A film by Ingrid Martens, South Africa 2011, 50 min.
Namibian Premiere. 18h30 @ FNCC, Entrance 20,- Nam$



12/08/2013 > 17/08/2013
cycle de cinéma |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents 1st Week of Classic Egyptian Film
In 2013 the week will focus on films from the late 1950's to the early 1970's. Pharaoh's Lounge is the main sponsor. (Time: 19h00). Entrance: 30,- N$. Venue: Goethe-Centre, Auditorium



projection |Namibie |
3 Short Films by Tim Huebschle
18:30, at Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre. Filmmaker in attendance. Q&A. Entrance: N$ 20. World Premiere of "Making of Dead River" with Tim Tim Huebschle, and Haiko Boldt.



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "La Noire de..." by Sembène Ousmane, Senegal, 1966, 65 min
Premiere. 18h30 @FNCC. Entrance is 20,- Nam$.



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "La Pirogue" by Moussa Touré, Senegal, 2012, 87 min
+++ RE-SCREENING +++ 18h30 @FNCC. Entrance is 20,- Nam$. In partnership with Africiné.



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "Kolmanskop" by David Pupkewitz, Namibia/South Africa, 1983, 60mins
At 18h30. @FNCC. Entrance is 20,- Nam$. Supported by M-Net. With Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre and Africiné.



projection |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents (again) "The Professor" by Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, Tunisia, 2012, 92 min
At 18h30. @FNCC. Entrance is 20,- Nam$. Supported by MC Distribution. With Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre and Africiné.



projection |Namibie |
AfricAvenir/FNCC - Film Series with Namibian Women in Film‏
18h30, three short films by female directors from Namibia (Bridget Pickering, Oshosheni Hiveluah, and Krischka Stoffels). At the FNCC, entrance 20,- Nam$



projection |Namibie |
"Inspiring Young Imaginations": AfricAvenir & FNCC present "Izulu Lami - My Secret Sky" by Madoda Ncayiyana | South Africa 2008 | 97 min
At 10h00. FNCC. Entrance: N$5 (Youth), N$15 (Adults)



projection |Namibie |
"Inspiring Young Imaginations": AfricAvenir presents "Otelo Burning"
At 10:00. Entrance: N$5 (Youth), N$15 (Adults). Otelo Burning (2012) by Sara Blecher, South-Africa, 102 min, 13+, English subtitles.



cycle de cinéma |Namibie |
Namibian Premiere: "Agostinho Neto" with Director Orlando Fortunato de Oliveira in Attendance
18:30 - 21:00. Orlando Fortunato will attend the screening and will be available for a Q-and-A session after the screening.



cycle de cinéma |Namibie |
„African Perspectives": AfricAvenir presents "Timbuktu" by Abderrahmane Sissako, 2014, Mauritania, feature
Namibian Film Premiere. 18h30, @FNCC - Franco Namibian Cultural Centre. Entrance is 30,- Nam$. Film series supported by Africiné.


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