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Independent Shabab Foundation (ISF)
Opérateur culturel

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Development and raising awareness may be costly, but it will be even more costly not to have them, especially when reactionary ideas are constantly making inroads at the expense of culture and arts.

Independent Shabab Foundation (ISF), active since 2006, is a non-profit NGO working in the fields of theatre and cinema. It was founded by a number of artists and culture activists with the aim of supporting independent artists and contributing to raise awareness and promote and develop taste in art in Egypt.

Azza El Hosseiny:
Azza acted in and directed several theatrical productions. She is the founder of The Gypsies, an independent theatre troupe. She participated in the organization and management of many cultural and artistic events in Cairo and in several other governorates. She wrote and directed a number of TV programs and documentaries. She is actively involved in the management of arts and civil culture, in cooperation with local and international entities.

Sayed Fouad:
He wrote several film scripts including Kallemeni Shokran (Please Call Me), directed by Khaled Youssef. He also wrote and directed many plays and co-founded The Movement, an independent theatre troupe, with the movie star Khaled El Sawy. He wrote and supervised numerous TV programs. He also worked as deputy-head of the Nile Cultural TV Channel. He contributed also in developing the independent theatre movement in Egypt.

Board of Trustees
Khaled Youssef,
Farouk Abdel-Khaleq,
Atia El Dardery,
Afaf Tobala,
Mohamed Habib

Our publications
Hundred writer and novelist Mahfouz in century

Our News
Festival Luxor cinema African is one of the projects.



الثقافة والوعي قد يكونا مكلفين ولكن عدم وجودهما سيكون أكثر كلفة في ظل تنامي الأفكار الرجعية
مؤسسة شباب الفنانين المستقلين ، مؤسسة مدنية لا تهدف الى الربح- بد أت العمل تحت التأسيس منذ عام 2006 فى مجالى المسرح والسينما و أسسها عدد من الفنانين والمثقفين، تهدف إلى دعم الفنانين المستقلين والمساهمة في تنمية الوعي والارتقاء بالذوق الفني في المجتمع المصري

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Sankara (en cours) dir. H Ayouch
Opérateur culturel

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personne(s) liée(s)

Azza El Hosseiny
Sayed Fouad

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autour de la structure Independent Shabab Foundation (ISF)


Starve your dog, Hicham Lasri, Maroc
Dans l'attente de l'interview du siècle
Jean-Marie Mollo Olinga
publié le 24/04/2016 23:04:46


Sans regret, de Jacques Trabi
Un polar à la sauce ivoirienne
Yacouba Sangaré
publié le 17/04/2016 16:04:20


B'ella, a feature by Tawonga Taddja Nkhonjera, Malawi
A Coming-of-Age, High School Drama with a Touch of Femininity
Jaylan Salah
publié le 07/07/2015 17:07:24


Mosonngoa - The mocked one, by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, Lesotho
The brave one
Jaylan Salah
publié le 11/05/2015 16:05:37


Cannes 2015 : un (arrière-) goût d'Afrique
Thierno Ibrahima Dia
publié le 24/04/2015 06:22:00


Examen d'état (National Diploma), by Congolese director, Dieudo Hamadi
A Personal Story weaved in the Universal
Jaylan Salah
publié le 05/04/2015 00:04:01


OPINION - Understanding what is happening in Egypt
Azza El Hosseiny
publié le 20/08/2013 16:08:33

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21/02/2012 > 28/02/2012
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2012
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2012 1ère édition



18/03/2013 > 24/03/2013
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2013
2ème édition



16/03/2014 > 24/03/2014
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2014
3ème édition



16/03/2015 > 22/03/2015
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2015
4ème édition



16/03/2017 > 22/03/2017
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2017
6ème édition


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