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Dv8 Films
Production | Production déléguée

Postal Address:
PO Box 308 - PARKLANDS - 2121
South Africa

Physical Address:
Suite 2B, First Floor - 8 Arnold Road
2196 JOHANNESBURG - Rosebank
Afrique du Sud
tel.1 : +27-11-880-0191
fax : +27-11-880-0192
[envoyer un mail]
site :


Cinéma Numérique africain

Dv8 Films (Pty) Ltd

DV8 a été créé par Jeremy Nathan et Joel Phiri, deux célèbres producteurs sud-africains.

DV8 est un aussi un manifeste esthétique, à l'égal du DOGMA 95 (Danemark) avec des principes de production strictes.

Juillet 2007 : changements profonds et le départ de Joel Phiri (cf fiche en anglais).

Jeremy Nathan - Producer
Michelle Wheatley - Productrice
Dennis Morakiwa Mashabela - Director
Ndoda Madalane - Director
Buyisile Kubheka - Comptable

Dv8 Films (Pty) Ltd

DV8 was formed by Jeremy Nathan and Joel Phiri, two of South Africa's foremost producers, both of whom have a wealth of experience in producing films all over Africa. You can find out more by clicking into the About DV8 section on the site.

Outlines the pioneering DV8 model created in order to revitalize the Southern African film industry and create a sustainable flow of quality feature films to be released not only through Africa but throughout the world. A set of principles have been constructed to aid the model and ensure that the films are made economically and yet still retain a very high standard in quality.

Realizing the need to establish an infrastructure for South African filmmakers to get their full length feature films produced in a stable and secure environment, producers Jeremy Nathan and Joel Phiri created DV8 - a digital film initiative that will over the next three years develop, produce and market twelve (12) genuinely South African digital feature films.

A slate of four (4) films per year will be produced primarily for television distribution both locally and internationally and the best films will receive theatrical exhibition.

Dv8 is the first digital feature project of its kind in South Africa, with a an all encompassing finance, production, local and international broadcast, theatric release and ancillary distribution and marketing model that is set to become the standard for the growth and development of the South African feature film industry.

Dv8 represents a new way of making films in South Africa, a renaissance in South African film production, distribution and marketing, offering local filmmakers the opportunity to make their film without having to worry about finance, but rather to concentrate on writing and directing the best possible films.

The Dv8 model of production has a strong emphasis on script development and training. The training programme aims to strengthen the existing skills base in script development and production of feature films. It will allow key creative and technical personnel to build confidence and enhance their existing skills.

The Producers of DV8 have put out a call for new stories from aspiring and established writers and filmmakers. You can now join the new wave of Electric African Cinema and stand a chance to tell your story on digital film. Focus will be on innovative, groundbreaking projects from passionate writers. Entry into DV8 is open to all South African citizens, of all ages, educational or professional background. All you need is a brilliant idea for a feature film.

July 2007 :

Johannesburg - Dv8 Films and Jeremy Nathan are pleased to announce the completion of the restructuring of the company. New partners, Dennis Mashabela and Ndoda Madalane, will become 50% shareholders in Dv8 Films. Michelle Wheatley also becomes a new shareholder in the company.

Michelle Wheatley will oversee the day-to-day management of the company, with Jeremy focussing on production and sales. Mashabela and Madalane have a thorough knowledge of the media business, and will bring a vast array of contacts and business acumen to the company.

"Dennis and I go way back, we have always spoken about working together. This is a unique and exciting opportunity, and we look forward to enhancing our current contracts, and engineering further new media prospects" says Jeremy.

Commenting on their 50% investment in the DV8 Group, Dennis Mashabela, says:

"While I have known Jeremy for 20 years, and admired his pioneering spirit and tenacity in a financially hostile film-making environment, our investment is not emotional. Advancements in technology, planned telecoms liberalisation and the advent of new players in the broadcast environment will lead to an explosive demand for new content, be this for television, mobile handsets, cinema or the internet. DV8 is well poised to be a significant player in this new environment."

"Our task is to help create the space for Jeremy and Michelle to migrate their talents beyond cinema distributed film product, to TV commercials production, internet and mobile content, as well as the production of compelling television dramas and reality shows for the new stations being set up."

Ndoda Madalane's corporate finance and fund management expertise will be particularly useful in crafting the corporate and financial structures required for the various local and international ventures in DV8's pipeline.

Says Madalane, "It is refreshing to find in such an ego-driven sector, someone as modest as Jeremy and who commands respect worldwide as an independent film producer. Our roles will be to convert this talent and credibility into a thriving business."

Dv8 will continue its long-term relationships with the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), Ster-Kinekor Distribution and the SABC.

Current projects include Khalo Matabane's "Violence", Madoda Ncayiyana's "My Secret Sky", Andrew Dosunmu's feature documentary and multimedia project, "The African Game", CLAM TV, and New York set "Mother of George", developed through the Sundance Institute.

Joel Phiri has left Dv8 Films and no longer has any involvement in the company.

Our Team
Jeremy Nathan - Producer : view profile
Michelle Wheatley - Producer : view profile
Dennis Morakiwa Mashabela - Director : view profile
Ndoda Madalane - Director : view profile
Buyisile Kubheka - Accountant : view profile

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personne(s) liée(s)

Joel Chikapa Phiri
Jeremy Nathan

Michelle Wheatley
Jeremy Nathan

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Africa at the 37th International Film Festival Rotterdam
(Correspondance, en anglais)
Télesphore Mba Bizo
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Rotterdam 2008 : Victoire de l'originalité sur la popularité
37ème Festival International du Film de Rotterdam (IFFR, 23 Janvier - 03 Février 2008)
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projection |Namibie |
Namibian Premiere of South African movie "State of Violence"
African Perspectives Movie Evening. Curator: Hans-Christian Mahnke


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