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Anahata Ina
Auteur-compositeur/trice | Ecrivain/ne | Réalisateur/trice
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BARKA Networks : Réalisateur/trice


Ina a formé avec Esu la Fondation BARKA. Ses expériences l'ont conduit entre le monde de la spiritualité, de l'enseignement et du cinéma, ainsi que celui de la chanson.

Ina goes by many names. Ina is a Native American word for Divine Mother; Anahata is the Sanskrit word for Heart Chakra. In Africa, she's known as Pochilo, light from the moon. Ina is a trained diviner who has studied both in Africa and the United States to learn the traditional arts of cowrie shell, stick and voice divination. She has had the privilege of working with shamans in the Peruvian Amazon and Ecuador. In the U.S., she has worked with Native American elders and medicine keepers.

For over 13 years, Ina has conducted a hands-on healing practice. She specializes in her own form of transformational bodywork.

Mother of three and grandmother of three, Ina has lived a simple, back-to-nature life in the remote areas of Vermont, New York and Maine. She lived by grinding her own grain, growing her own vegetables, guiding hunters through the backwoods and raising poultry. These experiences prepared her for life in the bush in Africa.

Ina is also a published songwriter. Fifteen of her songs are published in the Women with Wings songbook. Her song "Gratitude" is used throughout the world as a prayer and is inscribed on a plaque at the entrance to the Edith Ball Memorial Aquatic Center in Tucson, Arizona, a center dedicated to helping people with disabilities through aquatic activity.

She is also a founding member of The Temple of the Feminine Divine, a spiritual center established by Kay Gardner. Through this center, Ina is nationally licensed as a reverend.

In late 2004, Ina co-founded the BARKA Foundation. She is currently working on several film and publishing projects for BARKA and on her last trip to Burkina Faso in March 2008, initiated BARKA's first micro-loan program to a collective of 87 women to create sustainable businesses.

Ina is a firm believer that if every high school student visited an indigenous culture it could change the world.

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Barka! Burkina

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tous les textes à propos de Anahata Ina

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