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Awad Sherif
Critique de cinéma | Programmateur/trice | Traducteur/trice
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Sherif Mohamed Mahmoud AWAD est né le 25 mars 1971.
Il est critique de cinéma et programmateur égyptien. Il parle français, anglais, italien, outre l'arabe.

Sherif Mohamed Mahmoud AWAD is Egyptian Film Critic. He is also translator, curator and festival programmer. He is involved in Luxor African Film festival (LAFF).

Date of Birth: 25/03/1971
Gender: Male
Nationality: Egyptian

Excellent French
Excellent English
Good Italian

-Editor of the entertainment section in Egypt Today, Monthly Magazine
-Curator of Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries
-Curator of Luxor African Film Festival
- TV writer of weekly Cinemascope Program on Dream TV

1988-1993: Bachelor of Science, Communications Engineering, Cairo University, Grade: Very Good; Cinema Sound Systems Project
1974-1988: Lycée "Bab Al-Louk" French-English School, Cairo

I have a good knowledge of music and films as a professional film/music analyst and as an avid fan and film/music collector whether American or foreign arts. My studies and work make me follow up technologies in cinema, satellite and new media

a. Full-Time

1993-1996: Marketing Manager 20th Century Fox/ Warner Bros. Theatrical Distribution, Egypt
1996-2000: Marketing Manager UIP/Metro Goldwyn Mayer/Osman Group Cinemas/Egyptian Video Center EVC (Arab Contractors Video) for CIC & Columbia-Tristar Video and Theatrical Distribution, Egypt
Responsibilities: Publicity, Promotion, Advertising and Distribution of American Films in Egyptian theaters and on Videotapes
During these two periods, I worked on boosting the local release of several blockbuster films like Titanic and The World Is Not Enough
2000-2001: Chief Editor of The Ticket Entertainment Magazine
2001-2002: Chief Editor of Scope CD Magazine in Ahram Multimedia Company for CD and DVD production, Egypt
2007-2008: Chief Editor of Contemporary Practices Magazine.

b. Part-Time and Cultural activities:
- Member of The Egyptian Association of Cinema Critics (Alex Festival
- Publicity Manager in both Cairo and Alex Film Festival
- Member and Lecturer of the Cinema Committee of The Egyptian Ministry of Culture
- Co-Curator of Alexandria Art Biennial
- Regular TV interviewee in Cinema/Music programs.

- Contributing Writer to several magazines and newspapers including Egypt Today, Enigma, and Carnival Arabia (Monthly Entertainment Magazines, published in English language)
- Contributing Writer to Film Section on and entertainment websites
- Egyptian Correspondent to Faan Magazine in Kuwait
- Contributor to Variety in the US, International Film Guide in the UK, Printed Projects in Ireland, Variety Arabia in Dubai, Weekly article in Westchester Guardian in New York.

Articles' and Writings' descriptions:
- Film Reviews
- Music Reviews
- Film History
- Film Essays
- TV Reviews
- Interviews
- Film Festival Coverage including Berlin-Cannes-Venice-Rome-Dubai-Cairo-Alex

- TV writer and executive producer of Entertainment Programs (Foreign & Local Cinema and Music) for several Egyptian Satellite Channels and for Showtime Middle East.
- TV Programs' Biography:
- Studio 35 : Weekly Program about Filmmaking and Special Effects in foreign Cinema (Three seasons on Nile Variety Satellite Channel)
- Profile: Weekly Cinema Program about foreign stars biographies (Three seasons on Nile Variety Satellite Channel)
- Cinemascope: Weekly Film Program depicting news, reviews and special effects in foreign Cinema (Third Season currently on Dream TV Satellite Channel)
- Music Club: Weekly musical program about past and recent foreign music (Second season on Nile Variety Satellite Channel)
- Ishar Ma'ana! (Watch It!): Weekly Late Night talk show (On Nile Variety Satellite Channel)
- Top 5: Weekly foreign music charts (On Nile Variety Satellite Channel)
- Affiche: Weekly Film Program about cinema artwork and its relation to film production (On Egyptian Satellite Channel)
- Dardasha Ala-Shasha (Chitchat on Screen) : Weekly talk show On "Shasha" Channel-Showtime Middle East
- MTV Mashaweer: Weekly talk show On MTV -Showtime Middle East
- Silver Screen: Weekly Film Program depicting news, reviews and special effects in foreign & Arabian Cinema (First Season currently on ART Satellite Channel)
- Fun 7: Weekly Cinema Programs on Al-Rai Channel-Kuwait
- Angham Wee Asrar: Weekly Musical Program on Al- Rai Channel-Kuwait
- Screen: Weekly One Hour Program about foreign and Arab Cinema on Libra TV-Dubai
- Special programs about Film Festival Coverage including Berlin-Cannes-Venice-Rome-Dubai-Cairo-Alex

Jury in Film Festivals:
- Festival du Film Indépendent, Brussels, Belgium, 2010
- Pula Film Festival, Croatia, 2012
- Orenburg Film Festival, Russia, 2012
- Cinedays Film Festival, Macedonia, 2012
- Journées Cinématographiques, Algeria, 2012
- Festival international du Film de Durban (DIFF), South Africa 2013
- Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF 2014), Nigeria, 2014
- Festival International de film du Caire - CIFF Egypt, 2014

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tous les textes à propos de Awad Sherif


34th Durban Filmfest Ends, As Winners Emerge
Shaibu Husseini
publié le 21/08/2013 16:08:58

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21/02/2012 > 28/02/2012
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2012
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2012 1ère édition



18/03/2013 > 24/03/2013
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2013
2ème édition



18/07/2013 > 28/07/2013
festival |Afrique du Sud |
Festival international du Film de Durban (DIFF) 2013
34ème édition



19/07/2013 > 22/07/2013
marché |Afrique du Sud |
Durban FilmMart 2013
4ème édition



16/03/2014 > 24/03/2014
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2014
3ème édition



09/11/2014 > 16/11/2014
festival |Nigeria |
Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF 2014)
4th edition. 5 days. 4 screens. 90 must watch movies.



09/11/2014 > 18/11/2014
festival |Égypte |
Festival International de film du Caire - CIFF 2014
36ème édition.



16/03/2015 > 22/03/2015
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2015
4ème édition



17/03/2016 > 23/03/2016
festival |Égypte |
Luxor African Film Festival - LAFF 2016
5ème édition



16/06/2016 > 26/06/2016
festival |Afrique du Sud |
Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) 2016
37ème édition



14/09/2017 > 20/09/2017
festival |Égypte |
Sharm el-Sheikh Asian and African festival for cinema, arts and tourism 2017
1ère édition


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