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Alicia in Africa: Journey to the Motherland
Afrique du Sud | 2008
avec Alicia Keys





Durant un mois, la chanteuse Alicia Keys (décorée d'un Grammy Award), cofondatrice de Keep a Child Alive (KCA), va dans 3 pays d'Afique (Afrique du Sud, Kenya et Ouganda) pour rencontrer des gens infectés par le HIV et le SIDA.

L'engagement d'Alicia Ă  combattre le SIDA est contagieux et elle s'applique Ă  diffuser le message de la fondation KCA, "Start a Virus to Stop a Virus".

La film est téléchargeable sur (sous réserve de s'inscrire). Les dons sont acceptés sur :

Big pita lil' pita cut + run NYC and Keep a child alive presents Alicia in Africa: journey to the motherland featuring Alicia Keys and friends / cinematographer: Brad Young / second camera: Michelle Marion / sound: Gabriel Cyr / editor: Anthony Marinelli / associate producer: Elizabeth Santiso / co-producer: Andres libreros /
executive producers: Leigh Blake, Alicia Keys, Jeff Robinson, Susan Willis / directed by Earle Sebastian

Documentary of Grammy Award-winning musician and Keep a Child Alive (KCA) Co-Founder, Alicia Keys', month-long trip to Africa to visit communities affected by HIV and AIDS.

Alicia's commitment to the fight against AIDS is contagious and she is leading the effort to spread the message of KCA, "Start a Virus to Stop a Virus," virally, so they have selected SpiralFrog to help get the message out.

"Everyone who visits Africa is changed by the experience, but not everyone can afford to go to Africa," Alicia explained. "Come with me on my journey and learn as I learn. Let's start a virus to stop a virus-send the film to everyone you know. Let's change this nightmare into our generation's greatest success story."

Spreading the message is so important to Alicia that she is making the documentary available for FREE online. Viewers who visit can watch the entire documentary. Alicia in Africa will also be available to download courtesy of the documentary's exclusive web partner
The film will also be available on
By distributing the film for free online, KCA knows the broadest audience possible will be reached, translating into understanding and compassion for the people and then ultimately resulting in donations crucial to fulfilling KCA's mission.

Alicia's commitment carries over into her concerts. She'll screen the Alicia in Africa trailer before each concert on her American tour, which kicks off April 19 in Virginia. Go to for tour dates.
Alicia will also announce the "Text Alive" initiative, which allows anyone to make an immediate $5 donation to KCA simply by text messaging "Alive" to 90999.

Alicia in Africa, directed by South African filmmaker Earle Sebastian, shows us an Africa rarely seen. Travelling through Africa's beautiful landscapes we meet inspiring children, families and communities in South Africa, Kenya and Uganda. The documentary is a breathtaking journey of a generation that refuses to give up. In under an hour, Alicia introduces viewers to so many eye-opening topics surrounding the AIDS pandemic-from the Gogo grannies and the Agape Orphanage to the success of antiretroviral drugs, the ongoing need to access them and KCA's essential efforts throughout Africa.

"Each time I visit Africa, I'm reminded of what's most important in this life and uplifted by my African sisters' and brothers' courageous spirit," said Alicia. "Hopefully, my documentary will inspire others to help us in our mission to give the people of Mother Africa their dreams back, let their children be happy and healthy and preserve the family structure that is so important to them."

Alicia in Africa: journey to the motherland featuring Alicia Keys and friends

Directed by Earle Sebastian

Cinematographer: Brad Young
Second camera: Michelle Marion
Sound: Gabriel Cyr
Editor: Anthony Marinelli
Associate producer: Elizabeth Santiso
Co-producer: Andres libreros /
Executive producers: Leigh Blake, Alicia Keys, Jeff Robinson, Susan Willis
Production : Big pita lil' pita cut, Run NYC, Keep a child alive

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